Our primary focus is developing and supporting ideas of Maori individuals, Organisations and businesses into the digital economy. With our associates and partners we provide the knowledge, capability and online systems that are connected to an extremely high bandwidth backbone on local highend platforms.
We have many New Zealand and Overseas Business alliances that are keeping large and small business owners in our area updated with the technologies and trends and are helping them to present themselves to the world via the Internet.
In our research we found that personal service was lacking in this country, so we made this a key component in our business strategy by including a toll free contact and support service. We are located in the central business area of Hastings, Hawkes Bay.
When a breakthrough technology with innovative ideas hits the market and meets customers demand, we can create a complete new range of business opportunities.
We forge close relationship with customers to provide one stop shop solutions for your current and future needs and growth.

our core capabilities in establishing a comprehensive corporate network with multidisciplinary practices. Utilizing our vast resources but striking out on our own distinct path.

As a partner by choice for our leading technology partners our market footprint is end-to-end, catering to individuals, small and large enterprises, telecom operators, and government channels.